Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Matt Cain started the game and pitched pretty well. He allowed a run in the first on a leadoff double, a SAC bunt and a groundout. He allowed 2 runs in the 2nd, that would not have scored had it not been for the error on the doubleplay by either Aurilia (if you believe my scorecard) or Vizquel (if you believe the official scorekeeper). Overall, he gave up 4 hits, including 2 doubles, and a hit batsman while tallying 2 strikeouts in 2.2 innings. Matt was throwing with good velocity but his pitches were up on the doubles.....not unusual for this time of year.


Anonymous said...

That is a great shot of Matt. I am very pleased to see him picking up his target early. last year I saw pictures of him in his windup when he was looking upward and to the side.

Giantfan9 said...

Yeah, I like this photo too. You can even see the MLB logo on the ball in Matt's glove.