Monday, March 12, 2007

Matt Cain started the SS game against the Mariners. Matt started out strong throwing back-to-back 1-2-3 innings in the 1st and 2nd. In the 3rd inning Matt gave up a first pitch HR to leadoff the inning. He also gave up a 2 out single, but he was still throwing well. Matt took only 29 pitches to complete 3 innings....22 of them strikes.

Matt lost his control a bit in the 4th inning. He gave up back-to-back-to-back singles to start the inning. The 3rd hit was tainted. The ball was a low line drive that Jason Ellison got to in LF, but the ball clanged off his glove. The ball had a low, flat trajectory and Jason didn't appear to have trouble with the sun......he just dropped the ball. I scored it as an E7 but the official scorekeeper scored it as a hit. Without the dropped ball, Cain gets out of the inning without a run scoring. As it was he gave up 2 earned runs in the inning, including a 2 out walk. After throwing only 29 pitches through 3 took Matt 34 pitches to get out of the 4th. Besides the miscue by Ellison, I think Matt tired in his first 4 inning game. All in all a good Spring Training outing though.


allfrank said...

That definitely sounds like Jason Ellison.

kezarkid said...

This is a somewhat familiar picture. I first saw one like this last year in the Chronicle. I don't like the fact that matt is looking up and away as he releases the ball. I think he should be picking up his target sooner.