Friday, March 16, 2007

Doubleheader 3-15-07

Great day in Arizona yesterday. It was 93 degrees and I lucked out because my seats in Surprise were in the shade the entire game, even though they were about 6 rows behind the Giants' dugout. The night game was just beautiful......still about 80-85 at game time and believe it or not......still 74 at the end of the game at 10PM. Oh.....and the hour and a half I killed at Hooters between games wasn't exactly torture either. Anyone who hasn't been to Spring Training really needs to put a little money away and do it at least once........although I will warn's very addictive. I first came to Spring Training because it was basically a free trip because my wife had a convention in Phoenix in 1987.......and I have been out every year since then (except the strike year) if you come......prepare to get hooked.

I am still trying to figure out how the Giants hit 6 HRs in the first game and STILL managed to lose to the Royals 7-6. You won't see that happen too often. Barry Zito was practically unhittable after the first 4 batters. He looked to be in mid-season form. His curveball had more break than I have seen from him so far this spring. Surprise is the only stadium that has a radar reading. For those of you who care about such things, Zito was throwing a 71 MPH curve, 74-75 MPH change, what looked like a 78-79 MPH slider and a 85-88 MPH fastball. I thought he threw harder than that.......but I guess there is enough difference in his speeds that he can still pitch so well as long as he has his control and can get all of the pitches over the plate.

The Giants brought all their starters, except Pedro Feliz, to Surprise. The offense consisted entirely of HRs by Bonds, Durham (2), Aurilia, Niekro and Linden. They just could not get anyone on base other than by HR. ZERO walks and only 3 non-HR hits just killed them. Another disappointment was that 2 of the Giants' best relievers so far this spring, Vinnie Chulk and Osiris Matos, gave up 5 runs between them to blow the game. Billy Sadler had a good inning, giving up a walk, but facing the minimum by getting a DP and a strikeout.

The night game in Peoria featured Pedro Feliz as the only starter. The game featured a lot of real young Giants pitchers. Jonathan Sanchez started and looked pretty bad, throwing a ton of pitches in his 2 innings. Free agent Minor League signee, Dan Giese, pitched 3 beautiful 1 hit innings with 3 strikeouts. Pat Misch also pitched very well giving up only 2 hits, a walk and a run in his 2.2 innings. Misch is starting to look good to me if Taschner or Sanchez don't make the team as lefty relievers. Chris Begg struck out the only batter he faced and Brian Anderson had a 1-2-3 9th inning.

The kids, with only 2 HRs (Pedro Feliz & Chad Santos) managed something the vets couldn't do with the game 5-3 over the Mariners.

Today is another young pitching day with the Giants facing the Rockies at Scottsdale. Matt Cain is supposed to start and be followed by Tim Lincecum. I am looking forward to this one. It's supposed to be 93 again today.......and my seats are in the sun in Scottsdale.........guess you can't have everything........but yesterday was REAL close.


Anonymous said...

oo.. dont forget about benitez is pitching today too.. keep ur eyes out for scouts!! lol jk, have fun man! while.. I work on essays and study for midterms..

mameluke said...

Lucky, lucky!

Hank, I'm going to be in Scottsdale starting on the 22nd, next Thursday. I have tickets for all of the home games until the following Thursday except for that day (I think it's against Arizona), and I'm hoping to go to the road games in Peoria... I've never been. See you there, and I hope you won't be too sick of Spring Training by then. ;)

Giantfan9 said...

Hey Daniel....I have 2 tickets each to the last 2 games......but nothing for the D-Backs game on the 22nd. Too bad you didn't let me know you were coming out about 3 days ago. See you at the park!