Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Barry Bonds was the DH again today. He went 1 for 3 with a flyout to CF, a groundout to 1B and a solo HR. His HR bounced off the facing of the private party area in RF, behind the bullpens. Again..........out in any park you can think of. This is his HR swing. I might be wrong.....but it seems to me that he has a little more uppercut in his swing this spring.


Anonymous said...

His front leg is straight again and that is good news. Plus the elbow is not bothering him this year. Unlike some other players, Barry was probably embarrassed by his performance last year so he is looking to prove that he can still do it.

allfrank said...

I agree the straight front leg is a good sign. He has obviously released the torque on the leg at this point in his swing. I would be interested in seeing how long he keeps his front foot loaded - and when he releases the torque such that he is just up on his front heel. Last year, he was swinging from his front heel. Later in the year, he was more keeping his entire front foot planted. I would be interested to see where his front foot is on contact this year.