Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kevin Correia pitched the 7th and had a little trouble, giving up an unearned run on his own error. He allowed a leadoff walk, followed by a fielder's choice and a flyout. Then with a man on first and 2 out, a ball was hit into no-man's land between 3B and the pitcher's mound. Correia fielded it and instead of eating the ball, attempted a throw to 1B, while falling to the ground. The ball sailed well over Sweeney's head, allowing the runner to score from 1B. Kevin apparently did not think at all about the game situation...just a brain dead move. No way he was ever going to get the runner out at 1B. The next batter flied out harmlessly to RF.

Correia had a 26 pitch inning that saw him go to 2 strikes on 4 of 5 batters. Then he would start nibbling and run the count up. The leadoff walk was a 7 pitch AB that was 1-2 at one point.

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