Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jonathan Sanchez pitched the 7th inning. He gave up only 1 hit, to go along with 2 groundouts and 1 strikeout. Unfortunately, the 1 hit was yet another solo HR, this one being Nelson Cruz' 2nd HR of the day. This HR was solidly hit and would have been out of any park. It was hit deep to dead LF.

The big news, to me, was Sanchez pitched only 1 inning. I never really believed that the Giants intended to use Sanchez as a reliever and the way they had been using him this spring, suggested he would begin the year as a starter in Fresno. The ineffectiveness of Taschner and Kline, along with the demotion of Pat Misch, added to the 1 inning appearance today, makes me think that the Giants are getting serious about testing Sanchez as a possible bullpen member to begin the year. After all, they have to find an efficient lefty somewhere (although I though Misch was doing pretty darn well).


Anonymous said...

he looks really skinny.. did he lose some weight?

allfrank said...

Yes, I'm pretty disappointed that Misch got sent down. I wonder what he didn't show.

DrBGiantsfan said...

I continue to believe that Sanchez is not ready to pitch in the major leagues in any capacity. I want to see him in the rotation in Fresno.

I think we should go with the 7 best pitchers in the bullpen irrespective of which arm they throw with. Didn't the Angels win a WS with one of the best bullpens you'll see with no LHP's?

If I was another team's GM, and needed a cheap #5 starter, I would be very interested in Pat Misch. I'm torn between wishing he makes the team as a lefty reliever or wishing he starts in Fresno to enhance his value for us or for trade. Unfortunately, he'll probably end up relieving in Fresno, because that's where the Giants have pegged him now.