Sunday, March 18, 2007

Noah Lowry got the start today and had, I believe, his worst outing of the spring. He allowed all of the runs scored by the Royals (5) and they were all earned on 7 hits, including 2 triples and 1 HR and 3 walks. 10 baserunners in 3.2 innings.....not to mention 83 just not good. The Royals hit pretty much everything he threw up there with authority, The triples were both hit deep into the LCF gap and the HR was a no doubter into the RF bullpen.

Just not a good day for Noah. I just keep telling myself......Arizona is murder on off-speed pitchers......Arizona is murder on off-speed pitchers........Arizona is murder on off speed pitchers. Maybe if I say it enough.....I will actually believe that the desert air is Noah's only problem right now.

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