Monday, March 12, 2007

Scott Atchison threw the 3rd thru 5th innings and fared much better than Morris. He gave up no runs on a double, a single and a walk. He also struck out 2. What ever Atchison is throwing, he is getting a lot of groundballs. Of his 9 outs today, 5 were on groundballs (one DP), 2 were by strikeout and one was an infield popup. Pretty impressive outing. I believe he has only given up 1 run in over 6 innings of work this spring.


DrBGiantsfan said...

Wow! 3 innings for Atcheson! I would say he has cought somebody's eye. I've been saying that a non roster invitee might crack the bullpen. Maybe Atcheson?

Like you, I am very intrigued by Matos. He's still fairly young, 22 yo, I think. Probably too soon for Matos, but his future is looking brighter by the day!

Anonymous said...

I say shake up the bullpen! Hennesey, Munter, Correa, and all the others last year had their chance. What has the team got to loose by giving some of the younger guys a chance?

Anonymous said...

It was my assumption that Atchison was just another non-roster invitee who was just brought in to provide some competition. After looking up Atchison's history, however, I see that things may be different.

Atchison is only a second-year major leaguer. He had good success in the lower minors when he was with the Mariners, and also had relatively good success when he pitched in AAA Tacoma for them in the PCL - a hitters league. He had good numbers a a rookie, but it appears that he was injured last year.

His good form in Spring training with the Giants may be more than mere image. Maybe GFan9 could provide some insight into the kind of "stuff" Atchison delivers?