Sunday, March 25, 2007

If Atchison politely said "no thank you" .....Sun-Woo Kim SCREAMED......"Don't you dare give me that roster spot!" Kim didn't even make it out of his inning, giving up 8 earned runs on 2 walks, 2 singles, 4 doubles and a HR, while only getting 2 outs in the inning. He needed 34 pitches to get his 2 outs.

In all fairness to Kim, he was not helped by his defense. With 3 runs in, 1 out and the infield playing in, Kim induced a double play ball to Frandsen at 2B. The ball might have taken a little bad hop, but went over Frandsen's glove for a basehit. Later in the inning, with 4 runs in, Linden lost a Brian Giles flyball in the sun and it dropped right at his feet for a 2 RBI double. That's the 2nd, flyball lost by Linden in 2 days. The Arizona sun is nasty.

Still, even with the questionable defense.....Kim was hit hard. He had very few, if any, swing-throughs. Out of his 34 pitches, Kim only threw 10 strikes that didn't result in a basehit. Not a good outing.

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phil said...

everyone here on Giants Jottings, Say goodbye to Sun Woo Kim!!!