Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vinnie Chulk pitched the 8th inning and was not very impressive........although I think he could have gotten a 1-2-3 inning with someone other than Scott McClain at 3B. With no one out Chulk induced a hard hit grounder to 3B. McClain backhanded the ball and rushed the throw. His throw went over Niekro's head by 15 feet. I thought McClain didn't need to rush the throw so bad (the ball was hit so hard, he had a lot of time after gloved it) and scored it as an error all the way. The official scorekeeper called it a single + an error. The next 2 batters were relatively easy outs. Then Chulk gave up single/walk/single to allow a run to score before ending the inning on a popup to SS.

Like I said....I think Chulk could have gotten out of the inning, but he gave up some shots. The ground ball to McClain, the singles and also the 2nd out of the inning was a line shot to 2B. Chulk need to do better.

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