Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Omar Vizquel had his 2nd hit of the spring today going 1 for 3 with a double. I think he got the benefit of his reputation on a botched DP in the 2nd inning. Aurilia fielded a DP ball at 1B and fired it to 2B with Omar covering. The ball ticked off of Omar's glove and went into LF. What was a sure DP, turned into no outs and ultimately allowed Matt Cain's 2nd & 3rd runs to score. The ball from Aurilia was right on target and it appeared to me that Omar was preparing to throw before he recieved the ball. I scored it as E6 and as a matter of fact didn't think there was any question. I had no idea it was anything other than that until I got back to my condo and read the box scores. Apparently the official scorekeeper ruled it as E3....bad call......very bad call.

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