Saturday, March 10, 2007

Giants vs Rangers

OK...I got back from dinner and I spent about an hour composing a post regarding today's game. I have no idea what I did, but I just lost the entire post. I'll be damned if I will spend the time to recreate the photos will just have to do.

Bottom line is that the Giants' regulars beat a bunch of Ranger's non-regulars 13-9. Pretty good offense, not good pitching at all (especially considering who they were facing). I am really getting worried about the bullpen. I thought the Giants had enough good arms in camp to where they could find 7 players that would fill out the bullpen and perform well. It is early in the spring still......but so far it looks like I may have been wrong. Somebody (or more precisely 7 somebodies) has to stand up and show they can do the job. So far I have not seen that. Hopefully, someone will step up soon.

Tomorrow is the Giants vs the Mariners at Scottsdale.....Jake Woods vs Matt Cain. Hopefully the Mariners will bring a front-line team......and hopefully the Giants will respond with a well pitched game.


DrBGiantsfan said...

Well, the elephant in the room with the bullpen, so to speak, is Mando. Pretty tough to see how it all falls into place until we know his fate. It appears that Bochy is operating under the assumption that Mando is going to be either gone, injured or ineffective. He's obviously wants Wilson to take the job and run with it. We'll just have to see whether the Wison who got into the mess last game is the real Wilson or whether it's the guy who pitched his way out of it. Beyond that, I think Correia will come around. I like what Chulk and Cortes have done so far. Are we getting there yet? The lefties have been horrendous. Sadler has been very disappointing. Maybe Matos? Misch? Maybe one of the other non-roster guys? One guy they should give an auditon to is Joe Bateman. We need a sidearmer in the pen and he's been a very unsung, but effective bullpen guy in the minors.

Tomorrow should be interesting with the split squads. Lots of innings, lots of opportunities to shine or fail.

allfrank said...

I was worried, too, so I posed the question to El Lefty Malo - He says it is too soon to worry. Period. That's a band wagon I'm jumping on.

Giantfan9 said...

Well, Mando is supposed to throw in a game for the first time today (Sunday). Should be interesting.

Allfrank.....yes it is too early to worry.....but not too early to be concerned. Remember......the Giants have 10 or 12 arms competing for 7 spots. Except for Kline and Chulk......they are all fighting for the big league life style. That is a HUGE incentive. That's why the Ellison's of the world do so much better in Spring Training than they do in the regular season.

A veteran may be working on specific things, so he may not be at his best early in Spring Training. A kid trying to earn a job is using his entire arsenal just trying to get people out. So the "it's early" sword cuts both ways.