Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jonathan Sanchez pitched the 7th and 8th innings and was not real sharp. He gave up an run in each inning on 3 singles and a triple. He also struck out one. Like all the rest of the Giants' pitchers today, his pitches were up.


DrBGiantsfan said...

This may be the best thing that could happen to Sanchez with the sore arm and late start. I really want him to go to Fresno as a starter. Too bad all the other LHP's are pitching so poorly. Jonathan may win a spot in the bullpen by default.

allfrank said...

I agree, Dr B, I have a lot of hope for this kid as a strter - but he definitely needs another pitch - well, really, to just get his slider to be a consistent pitch. And that should be done in Fresno, where he can also strengthen his arm.
I also am worried about the pen. With Hennessey, Kline, (and Sanchez) with ERAs over 10 and Correia, Wislon and Taschner not impressing - that provides opportunities - and pressure - for the younger arms.

Giantfan9 said...

I wouldn't include Wilson in that group of pitchers that aren't impressing......yet. He had a bout of wildness that cost him 2 runs in his last appearance. Those are the only 2 runs he has given up in 4 appearances. He also gave up 2 of the 4 hits he has allowed this spring in that same game. 4 hits and 4 strikeouts in 4 innings isn't long as the single bout of wildness was an anomaly.