Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jose Capellan entered the game with a 8-3 Giant lead and began the parade of poor pitching that led to Giants fans having a very uncomfortable last 3 innings of the game. After getting 2 quick outs to start the inning.......Capellan gave up a single followed by a HR followed by yet another single before ending the inning on a flyball to RF. His line was 1 inning, 2 runs, 3 hits, 1 strikeout, 19 pitches, 14 strikes.

I do not have photos of Scott Williamson or Julio Mateo....but they continued the near collapse started by Capellan. Williamson started the 8th by giving up a 1st pitch single followed by back to back walks on 9 pitches. The 4th hitter of the inning hit a HARD line drive to the outfield. Luckily it was right to Nate Schierholtz in RF but still scored a run. Next with men at 1st and 3rd.......Felix Pie helped the Giants out by getting picked off on a steal attempt 1-4. Pretty dumb move in that situation. After causing some tense moments, Williamson ended the inning with a 10 pitch strikeout (on a questionable called strike 3). 29 pitches - 16 strikes

Julio Mateo threw the 9th inning and added further drama to the game. After a 6 pitch strikeout, the next batter reached 1B on a throwing error by 2B Emmanuel Burriss. The next batter singled before Mateo induced a broken bat popup to 2B. Mateo walked the next batter on 8 pitches. So now in an 8-6 game......bases loaded.......bottom of the 9th.....2 outs......with the Giants fans arguing with the Cubs fans about which team would blow the game.......the Cubs fans are correct as the next batter pops it up to the middle of the infield to end the game. 24 pitches - 15 strikes


greg8370 said...

GF9---great blog and pics! Can you give us your thoughts on Travis Denker?

Anonymous said...

You covered the pitching here so far, but how'd you feel about the offense today? listening on the radio, sounded like guys like Denker are making good solid contact, and even producing runs when we got guys in scoring position with less thatn 2 outs! miraculous!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could please get some pictures of Threets, Timpner, and Sadler. I watched and talked to them all last summer while they were in triple A Fresno. Nice blog by the way!

Giantfan9 said...

"You covered the pitching here so far, but how'd you feel about the offense today?"

Give me a chance. Whereas the practices were over by 1PM which gave me just enough time to get back to the condo and finish uploading the photos and posting the new blog entries before dinner......the games aren't over until 4-4:30. By the time I get home, I try and get as much done as I can before dinner.....but then I do need to take a pause to have dinner and spend a little time with my wife. I usually finish the posts after my wife goes to bed.

My actual life just doesn't allow me to go straight from 11 when I leave for the park until 8 or so when I would finish the blog if I went non-stop. I haven't remained married for 25 years by ignoring my wife completely.

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