Friday, March 07, 2008

Giants 3, A's 2

The Giants won their first home game of the spring today and also managed a rare Spring Training win against the A's. The Giants received a well pitched game and just enough offense to outscore the A's 3-2. If the Giants are going to have any kind of a record at all this year......they are going to need to win a lot of games like this one.

I think I covered most of the highlights in the photo captions. The lowlights included Aaron Rowand's day. The Giants' new centerfielder went 0 for 4 including a 5-4-3 DP in the 1st inning with 1 out and the bases loaded. He also struck out in the 2nd with no one out and men on 1B & 2B. Aaron left 6 men on base and struck out twice dropping his average to .263. Not a good day. Rich Aurilia also went hitless in 2 ABs.

Kevin Frandsen came into the game in the bottom of the 7th and replaced Dave Roberts in LF. I figure that is as much as an admission from the Giants that they have no intention of starting Frandsen and that he is headed toward being a utility player for yet another season. Frandsen went 0 for 1, dropping his average to .211 and his OBP to .375.

All in all this was a clean, well played game. The Giants had no errors for the second game in a row. Offensively, Nate Schierholtz came off the bench to bail them out late in the game. I fear that Nate will start the year in Fresno and the Giants offense can't afford that. All 6 pitchers threw well and had good results. If this staff can throw strikes and avoid the bases on balls....they could be good.


Anonymous said...

They'll get an upclose look at Crede this weekend.

FYI - Batting .125 with 3 errors so far.

bpfastball said...

Of course Frandsen will be a utility guy this year, because the Giants *need* Rich Aurilia starting at third in order for them to win the World Series.

This team continues to be a JOKE when it comes to young players.