Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Barry Zito started the game and looked like a different pitcher than he did in his first outing. Zito went 3 innings and only faced 1 batter over the minimum. Unfortunately, that one batter hit a solo HR to lead off the 3rd inning, accounting for the only run Zito gave up.

In the first inning after back-to-back groundouts to start the inning, Barry gave up a high drive to medium deep left field. Fred Lewis circled the ball 2 or 3 times before having it hit in his glove and drop out (a sight I have seen many times)....kicking toward LCF. The runner tried to make it to 3B, but was thrown out 7-6-4. The drive was originally scored as an error, but an inning or so later the scorekeeper changed it to a hit. Sorry.....I ain't changing it. That ball should have been caught. Oh......and unlike many spring days in Scottsdale........the sun was behind one of those puffy white clouds and shouldn't have been a problem. Lewis remains the worst defensive outfielder I have ever seen.

As a result of Lewis' error being changed to a hit, Zito gave up 2 hits instead of 1; a double and a HR, no walks and no strikeouts in his 3 innings. He was still a little on the wild side with only 23 of his 40 pitch total thrown for strikes. Still.....much much better.


Anonymous said...

If you think Fred Lewis is the worst outfielder you've ever seen, you must not have seen Alex Sanchez butcher every ball hit his way a few years back. You're absolutely right tho, Freddie sure does look bad out there at times

Giantfan9 said...

Yes I did see Sanchez. I have been going to 50+ Giants games a year for 2 decades......75+ over the past 5 years.

But I had the advantage (disadvantage?) of watching Fred Lewis lead his team in errors in the AFL a few years ago. First time I had ever seen an outfielder be the team leader in errors. If it wasn't for his speed that allows him to make up for some of his horrible routes to the ball.....he would set records. Heck if he ever becomes a starter.....he may still set records. Bad routes, dropped balls and missed cutoff men.....Lewis is a triple threat.

I stick by my statement. Lewis is the worst I have ever seen.