Sunday, March 09, 2008

Giants 6, Angels 6, March 8th

Well, I may be posting a little less over the next week (or I might not). I picked up my son and daughter-in-law at the airport on the way to the game yesterday. They will be staying until a week from today. They obviously have priority over this blog but I will continue to post as time permits.

I did not take a camera or a scorebook to yesterday's game. But, that doesn't keep me from having a few thoughts off the top of my head (I know you are all shocked). Brad Hennessey started the game and pitched decently. Since he had not thrown more than 1 inning so far, I was surprised to see him go 3 full innings. Personally, I don't like Hennessey as a swing man. I would prefer the Giants use him 1 inning at a time in the 7th and/or 8th innings. Brad gave up 2 runs on 4 hits and struck out 1. The good news is he gave up no extra base hits and he didn't walk anyone. As I have said before, if this staff can avoid the walks......they can be pretty good.

One of Hennessey's hits was on yet another dropped ball by Fred Lewis, this time in RF. The ball was hit out to shallow RF and Fred (as he tends to do) froze for a second or two before realizing the ball was shallow. Fred then made a mad dash to make up for lost time. He almost succeeded as he looked like he was going to make a running shoestring catch. However, the ball popped out of his glove and was ruled a single. I believe the hit contributed to one of Hennessey's runs, but honestly, without keeping score, I forgot when exactly it happened. The poor ability to judge flyballs is getting old, but what I really don't understand is why Fred has so much trouble catching the ball once it hits his glove.

Jose Capellan followed and gave up 3 hits and a run, including a HR and a double in his inning of work. It's lucky that the HR came before the other 2 hits. I haven't seen Capellan pitch really well yet. I think it is about time to give up on this experiment and give him back to Boston. Since he is a Rule 5 draftee, the Giants have to keep him on the 25 man roster, offer him back to the Red Sox or work out a deal to keep him in our Minor League system. Get it over with now. No way this guy should open the season in a Giants uniform.

The Giants received a bunch of good pitching after that from Osiris Matos, Jack Taschner, Vinnie Chulk, Bartolome Fortunato and Billy Sadler. Each of them going 1 inning and giving up no hits. The lone exception was Kelvin Pichardo who began the 8th inning and couldn't get a single out. Pichardo entered with a 3 run lead and gave up 2 hits, 2 walks and the 3 runs that allowed the Angels to tie the game.

The Giants only had 6 hits on the day (only 1 extra base hit) but they were enough to score 6 runs mainly because of the 4 walks given up by the Angels' 2nd pitcher, Jason Bulger. Ray Durham went 2 for 2 with 3 of the RBI's on a 2 out, bases loaded double. Eugenio Velez went 1 for 4 (plus a SAC fly) with 2 more of the RBIs and Brian Bocock continued to contribute offensively by going 1 for 4 with the other RBI. Bocock also stole a base.

A couple of the kids had disappointing days as Travis Denker went 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts. He did not look comfortable at the plate at all today. Clay Timpner got the start in CF today and went 0 for 4 while leaving 3 men on base. I was hoping for a little better showing from Clay in a rare starting opportunity.

That's about it. At least that's all that sticks out in my mind. Today we are back in Scottsdale to face the Rockies. Pat Misch gets his first start in an attempt to win the rotation spot vacated by Noah Lowry. I am looking forward to seeing how Pat will respond to this opportunity.


RWub said...

maybe Fred has the Marvin syndrome and needs glasses? I think Davis and Nate are ahead of Fred

zito4cyyoung said...

Nice day by Misch....

They shouldn't have brought him out for the 4th inning at this point. Yabu couldn't help him out.

Yabu/Capellan experiment is over in my mind.