Monday, March 10, 2008

Emmanuel Burris got the start at SS today. He went 1 for 4 and beat out an infield single for his only hit. He also committed an error that led to an unearned run off of Steve Kline.


ORMetFan said...

Long story sort of short, I was searching Ebay for any Salem-Keizer Volcanoes jerseys, etc. for this season, and saw a rookie card for Emmanuel Burris. I did a google search to see what he's up to now, and your blog came up with the photo of him hitting in his first Giant's game. What a thrill for those of us who've watched him in the minors! He's so fun to watch, and really a nice kid. (Keizer Stadium is a small enough venue that if you go enough, you pretty much meet everyone...)

Enjoy your season, and here's wishing the Giants and Emmanuel the best this year!

Will said...

Manny!! Its great to see a blog about a player that I have known since high school. He is the person that taught me with much care how to properly do the crow hop in my sophomore year of high school at Woodrow Wilson senior high school. It is wonderful not only to see that he has accomplished his dream of becoming a pro, but to see someone that has the heart and passion for the sport be a part of it. I am looking forward to following his career for years to come.