Friday, March 07, 2008

In further straying from their "protect the pitchers in Spring Training" formula, the Giants called on Merkin Valdez to pitch the 7th inning on only 1 day's rest. As a matter of fact, the 7th & 8th innings were pitched by pitchers that had just pitched day before yesterday against the Royals. And both recent recipients of Tommy John Surgery at that.

Merkin continued the Giants' propensity to be weakest against the first batter of an inning by giving up a 7 pitch, leadoff HR. After the HR......Merkin got 3 VERY quick outs (including a strikeout) on only 7 pitches and did not throw another ball in the inning. Merkin continues to have a great fastball and a nice slider working for him. The last 3 batters of the inning were totally over matched.

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zito4cyyoung said...

The HR pitch was also his third consecutive pitch clocked at 96mph!