Saturday, March 14, 2009

Next to the mound was 2007 first round draftee, Madison Bumgarner. It's hard to evaluate a pitcher based on 1 inning, but this kid throws hard. Physically, he does not look like someone who won't be 20 until August 1st. Look at the lower body on this kid. Those big thighs give him good drive off the mound. Today he threw 1 inning of no hit, 1 walk 1 strikeout ball. His control was OK as he threw 13 of 22 pitches for strikes. Both of his outs that weren't via strikeout were on groundballs.

Madison had the best ERA in the minors last year while pitching in Augusta (single A). He had a minuscule ERA of 1.46 while going 15-3. Not bad for a 18/19 year old in his first year as a pro.


David (Temecula, CA) said...

Let's get this kid up now. Screw it, if he gets hurt in the minors we are all going to be upset, Let him hang out with th ebig unit. He had better be a sept. call up to get some experience

Giantfan9 said...

It might be a little early yet.....but soon. Real soon.

ybiofuels said...


On any other team, I'd agree with you, but who do you bump from the Giants rotation: Zito ain't going anywhere, and the rest of the 5 are solid gold. 6-man rotation would be particularly worthwhile in this case, because of the fragility of several of the arms (and the newness of Madison's), but it will never happen. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

let Randy Johnson chat with him a bit to give the kid the killer instinct, you know Rags nor Gardy doesn't have it.

55saveslives said...

Madison should start in AAA for a full season.

Alderson maybe in AA with promotion to AAA this season.

'10 staff


'11 staff


If we could only get rid of Zito :(

Smarry said...

It might be a little early yet.....but soon. Real soon.

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