Monday, March 02, 2009

Manny Burriss had a good day with the bat. Here he bunts safely for his first hit of the game. Later he got one of the longest singles I have ever seen. He hit the ball over the CF head VERY DEEP. Dave Roberts was on 1B and concluded the ball was going to be caught. Since it was so deep, Dave wanted to tag up and go to 2B. He turned his back on the play and did not immediately realise the ball was going to drop safely. When it went over the CF head, Burriss had to slam on the brakes to keep from passing Roberts on the basepaths.

On defense, he attempted to field a hardhit groundball that was hit right at him. The ball ran up his arm and bounced off of his chest. The Surprise Stadium scorekeeper ruled it a hit. He literally did not have to move. I am sure that 100 out of 100 Major League scorekeepers would have ruled it an error.

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