Friday, March 06, 2009

Fred Lewis walked in his first AB and scored the first run of the game as he took off on the pitch (shown here) and scored easily on Bengie Molina's double. He also reached base later in the game on a fielder's choice, stole 2B and scored his 2nd run of the game on a basehit by Rich Aurilia. His line for the day was 0 for 2. But the 2 runs he scored without benefit of a basehit would have been big.........except for this guy named Ortiz.

I did notice a pronounced limp as he returned to the dugout after scoring his 2nd run.


sjbushido said...

that is an awesome picture.. love that action shot.

Anonymous said...

Please sit Freddie. It's obvious he's hurting. I knew something wasn't right when he reported to camp and said his foot was still bothering him. Let him miss a week or two and then come back at the end of ST. We need his bat.