Friday, March 06, 2009

Tim Lincecum started the game and pitched another 3 dominant innings. He gave up no hits and 1 walk while registering 3 strikeouts. He has now given up 1 walk and 1 hit in 3 games thus far this spring. He is getting a bunch of swing-throughs, which tells you his "stuff" is excellent. He is mixing his pitches up and today got at least 1 K on a changeup. The only thing I don't quite understand is....he has thrown only 65 pitches in 3 games. I know Spring Training is longer this year.....but heck, he threw 30 pitches the first time he threw live batting practice. If the Giants continue to be so overprotective of him, it might backfire and leave him unprepared to throw 100 pitches a game for 33 starts.

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Wilriv21 said...

It is interesting that the Giants have yet to stretch out Lincecum to 40+ pitches. I know there is still another month of spring training but it is time to have him throw 50+ pitches.

What are they planning to do with him, have him start every fifth day and throw an inning or two of relief between starts?