Thursday, March 05, 2009

Giants (2) vs A's (4)

The Giants faced the A's today. So it being a Spring Training game.......naturally the Giants lost. The Giants looked like they were fielding a split squad or even a "B" team. Kevin Frandsen and Travis Ishikawa were the only players who are competing for starting jobs who played in the game. Steve Holm was the catcher, Juan Uribe at SS, Jesus Guzman at 3B, Eugenio Velez in LF, Andres Torres in CF and John Bowker in RF.

The Giants' "A" team is nothing to write home about offensively......this team was lucky to score 2 runs on 6 lousy hits. Every year the Giants throw more "B" lineups out there than any other team in the Cactus League. It's been that way since the Dusty Baker days. A first inning leadoff bunt by Andres Torres, 2 advances on groundballs and a wild pitch accounted for the Giants' first run. A solo HR by Jesus Guzman accounted for the only other run.

The A's effectively put the game away when they scored 4 runs in the first two innings off of Joe Martinez. The Giants pitchers shut the A's out the rest of the way....but the Giants lineup couldn't get more than half way to catching up to the original 4 runs. The good news is the Giants featured 4 pitchers today with ERA's of 0.00 and 1 pitcher with an ERA of 2.25. But the offense just couldn't catch up.

There was a Will Clark sighting today. Will was on the field before the game and must have signed autographs for 30 minutes. Once the game began, he sat on the field next to the dugout until about the 7th inning. It was good to see Will back in the orange and black. He never should have played in any other uniform.


Mr. Burglecutt said...

"It was good to see Will back in the orange and black. He never should have played in any other uniform."

Yes, and Will Clack stated before he signed with the Cardinals in 2000 season that he wanted to end his career as a San Francisco Giant. Obviously that never happened...

Anonymous said...

Ortiz blew it AGAIN today against the Angels.

Timmy was AWESOME!