Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Giants (7) vs Diamondbacks (6)

It was really a good game today, except for Ramon Ortiz.......who is a complete waste of an orange and black uniform.

Randy Johnson started the game and must have had a grudge to settle with his former team. Randy pitched 3 full innings and struck out 7....SEVEN Diamondbacks, including striking out the side in the 1st inning. He gave up 2 singles and a walk in a dominating performance. Johnson was really never threatened because one of the singles and the walk came after he struck out the first 2 batters in the first inning. After that it was clear sailing. Anyway, can we engineer him facing the Diamondbacks 20 times this year?

Which brings up a question (not really, but I needed a transition)......why do the Giants sign people like Ramon Ortiz? The man had a 5.82 ERA for the Orix Blue Wave in the Japan League last year. I know he was only a Minor League signing with a non-roster invite to the Major League camp..........but......exactly where and at what level do you want him pitching for the Giants' organization? I would rather have a 19-21 year old nobody.....anybody....take the spot designated for him in the Minors. Ramon gave up 2 runs in the 4th inning and the Giants had someone up in the bullpen ready to replace him. When Ortiz wiggled his way out of the inning, the bullpen sat down and Ortiz was trotted out for the 5th inning. Ortiz reponded to the faith his team showed in him by allowing another 3 runs. He pitched 2 innings and allowed 5 ER's on 7 hits (including a double and a triple), a walk and 2 strike outs. Just a terrible performance.

You have to wonder if the Giants need more than 58 players in camp. First, with the injuries to Schierholtz, Lewis and Roberts, they have infielders playing the outfield and blowing games (Matt Downs yesterday). Then they feel compelled to leave a scrub like Ortiz in the game for 2 innings when he is throwing batting practice. Where is Justin Hedrick? Adam Cowart? Garrett Broshuis? And any number of Giants farmhands who surely couldn't do worse? I just don't get it.

Bottom line is that Ortiz gave up 5 of the 6 runs the Diamondbacks scored. Other that that....the pitching staff did a great job.

The offense was decent....especially after the 4th inning. Eugenio Velez had a solo HR for the Giants first run and Pablo Sandoval had a 2 run HR in the 6th. The team tallied a total of 11 hits.

Much better game today than yesterday. Tomorrow I go to the Dodger's brand new park in Glendale. Have I mentioned I hate the Dodgers? Hopefully, Barry Zito has a good day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Seriously!!! Very short list of invites this year with some surprises being left off...oh yeah..Hedrick is not reporting to Indian School until thursday. saw an email from his mom to GRMG. -D

Giantfan9 said...

As I said...I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

hey, what's up with randy winn, he still doesn't have a hit?????

Kenn V said...

The Diamondbacks are going to have a lot of strikeouts this season. Cain, Johnson, Lincecum and Sanchez... watch out Az.

Mr. Burglecutt said...

I start judging where the players and pitchers stand about 2 weeks before the season. Remember Bob Brenly? He didn't start hitting until after the all-star break. :-)

Anonymous said...

Any sighting of Merkin?

Lewis A. said...

Why wasn't Bumgarner invited?

Gargasmell said...

Good point Mr. Burglecutt. It is all fun and games until just before the season starts.


Mr. Burglecutt said...

Hey Gargy,

You are correct. Players and pitchers know whatever their stats are during spring training does not count when contract time comes up. Spring training is just to what the name says "training."

The only plaers/pitchers that are going all out are the rookies and the players on the bubble.

Regards, Mr. Burglecutt