Monday, February 19, 2007

Merkin Valdez, coming off of Tommy John surgery is already throwing from a full wind up off of flat ground. I would say he was at about 50-60% effort.


Anonymous said...

thanks for Valdez pictures. kind of funny to see him with such a high number.

nickgee said...

Does anyone think he's still got much of a future?

Personally, I think the best option with Valdez, once he's recovered is short relief. We could possibly get a couple of good years out of him like we did with F-Rod or if we're really lucky strike it rich and find the next Joe Nathan (after we gave the last Joe Nathan away).

I know it's difficult to tell under the cap and all, but at least this year it looks like old "Snatch Wig" has had a hair cut :)

Phil said...

My guess short relief at best.

"Snatch wig"... lol and he has braces. So I guess he's going from Snatchy to Classy!

phil said...

yeah he got a haircut!!!