Sunday, February 25, 2007

There was a Lance Niekro sighting on the big field today. I assume he has been working out on the practice field before today. He also took one round of BP (off of the coaches) and hit the ball pretty good. I feel bad for Lance, but with his injury problems, I think the Giants have given up on him. Absent an injury or trade, there just is no room for him on this team.


DrBGiantsfan said...

Looks like he's back on his heels waiting for this grounder.

allfrank said...

I think he's more getting ready to throw or to run to the bag.

Anonymous said...

yeah i thought the same thing about hte heels when i saw this pic too

Anonymous said...

I wish good things for Lance too, but he's never really played at blue chip prospect level (maybe his first year in the minors in 2000).

I guess I'm saying that I never really felt he truly earned his shot. He got 1st by default. And he lost it.

Still, this is still a team without a strong 1st Baseman. If he goes to Fresno and tears the cover off the ball, I bet he'll get another chance. And not to be on the team, but to again start at 1st.

Giantfan9 said...

I believe Niekro is out of options. He shouldn't be going to Fresno unless no other teams want him.

With Aurilia, Klesko & Sweeney....Barring a trade I think Niekro is gone.

Also I wouldn't be so quick to say the Giants are "without a strong firstbaseman". Aurilia had a pretty good year last year and Klesko is playing for a contract, came to camp in great shape and is tearing the cover off the ball.

Anonymous said...

Well, just looking at the First Basemen around the West, I'd probably take any one of the other team's first baseman over ours:

Connor Jackson, Todd Helton, Nomar, Adrian Gonzalez.

Then you've got some real studs in Central & East:

Puhjols, Berkman, Prince Fielder, Derek Lee. Carlos Delgado, Ryan Howard.

And a couple of add'l guys are a better bet than Klesko/Aurilia: Nick Johnson & Adam LaRoche.

That drops us into the bottom 25% in the NL.

We're relatively weak at 1st.