Saturday, February 24, 2007

1st pitcher of the day Barry Zito. The batters (including Bonds) were doing a lot of talking about his curveball when he threw it. Looks like they were impressed.

Zito has a very strange warmup ritual. Before he throws in the bullpen, he throws long toss. It's not a soft toss either. I am talking throwing HARD from up to 150 feet away and 30-40 times. Then when he gets in the pen, he throws 5 or 6 pitches, from the mound, after taking 2 slide-steps toward the catcher. Then he warms up. I would think his arm would be tired by the time he came into the game. I don't know if he does this all year or if it is just a Spring Training thing. Not sure I have ever seen that before.


Anonymous said...

Zito does that before every start. He has done it since he got into the majors.

Anonymous said...

That's a relief.