Friday, February 27, 2009

Randy Johnson got his first start as a Giant. After a 1-2-3 first inning, Johnson gave up a run in the 2nd because of wildness. A single, a hit batsman and a wild pitch led to the Royals' first run. In all honesty....Bengie Molina did not do a great job of blocking the wild pitch. This continues to be a weak area in Molina's game.

In the background is Rich Aurilia. Rich went 0 for 1 with a walk. Doesn't he look 10 years younger when he shaves off that mustache and gotee?


Anonymous said...

Agree with you on Rich's appearance. Maybe if he looks younger, he will play younger. Always wondered why he would let his beard get grey when he knows the giants are looking to youth. It kind of stood out to me as if to say"hey look at me, I'm old"

Matthew said...

definitely a ditto on richie's appearance...thanks for pointing that out.

DrBGiantsfan said...

Damn! RJ looks good in a Giants uniform!