Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pablo Sandoval participates in baserunning drills. He is surprisingly quick for a big man. Defensively he has quick soft hands and seems to get a good jump on the ball. During the second round of BP, he continued to impress. Hard hit balls on almost every swing. I really expected him to do a little better against live pitching because of his recent Venezuelan Winter League experience, but he struggled just like the rest of the hitters.


Anonymous said...

Pablo really does look like he could be an NFL running back.


Goofus said...

Once again, you're getting great shots and it's very much appreciated.

If you're able, I'd love to see Jesus Guzman. Of all the guys who may or may not make the team, he's the most intriguing to me. Thanks.

Goofus said...

At 245, I think he'd be a fullback!