Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Position Players Report - I Don't

I woke up to a light rain falling this morning in Scottsdale. It's partly cloudy right now, but some of the clouds look like they may have a little moisture left in them. The Giants always have a short workout on reporting day. I would expect the workout would be even more abbreviated because of the wet playing surface. Why risk injury this early in the spring? Therefore, I am going to take an early day off and not go down to the park today. I don't think there would be much to see anyway, unless I hung around the parking lot and took photos of the players as the come and go.......and that's not my style anyway.

I will post a few photos from the past couple of days to tide you over until the first full-squad workout tomorrow. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning. It will be nice to see someone other than catchers take batting practice. Although, if the Giants are true to form, it is likely it will be the last day I will see Buster Posey on the main field since the youngsters usually take BP on the practice field.


Lawrence said...

I love your site.. I check it every Spring.. I will be heading out to Scottsdale on 3/14. Can hardly wait!

Could you post a couple of shots of the Rule 5 player, Luis Perdomo? Perhaps a close up of him. Thanks a bunch! GO GIANTS!

JimPansy said...

Hi, not wishing to turn this into a request show or anything, but I'd be interested in seeing what kind of shape Renteria is in, if that's at all possible.