Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aaron Rowand was 1 for 3 with a single, a strikeout and left a couple of runners on base. As you can see, he is still using that goofy stance. Bochy batted him 6th in today's lineup. Probably right about where he should be.


Anonymous said...

He's a Philly in a Giants costume. He would be better SUITED (yes, pun intended) in some other team's line-up this season.
If you are gonna be a "red ass" then back it up..

Colby said...

Anonymous, what the hell are you talking about?


I wish Aaron would stop using that stance. I think since he's so straight up and down, he ends up diving in to the plate. He jams himself.

Anonymous said...

Colby, simply put I feel after watching him last year and based upon his "team leader" aka red assing people that he has no place on this team. You lead by example. His example last year from June to the last pitch was at BEST sub par.
He's a Philly in a Giants costume. Oh sure he's a "gamer" when he crashed & dashed into wall, but what does he have to offer other than a low obp, a glove that's like a spaghetti colander & an arm like a leg.
He has no place on this team & along with Roberts was a mistake.
That's "what the hell" I'm referring to.

Colby said...

Wow! I read you loud and clear :)

Mr. Burglecutt said...

Hey Anonymous,

I like Rowand, but he looks like he's taking a dump when he's at bat.

Regards, Mr. Burglecutt

gogmen2 said...

dear lord, even this place isn't safe from burgle. GO AWAY.

Mr. Burglecutt said...


This place is for baseball talk and ONLY baseball talk. That is why I'm here and not on that cesspool MLB board anymore.

So go there and pick fights with people. This is not the place for that kind of stuff.