Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It was pretty much more of the same today. A very crisp infield practice, baserunning, "live" batting practice and regular BP. The same players were on the main field again today, except that Andres Torres replaced Jesus Guzman in the final group for regular BP.

During "live" BP, the 2nd & 3rd groups made a bunch more contact than the last couple of days, even though line drives were still few and far between. The first group; Randy Winn, Edgar Renteria, Eli Whiteside, Fred Lewis and Rich Aurilia; continued to do a lot of tracking and got in very few swings. I believe Fred Lewis got the only ball out of the batting cage against Matt Cain and Jeremy Affeldt....and that was a groundball up the middle. No long balls were hit today during "live" BP.

I don't know if they tired themselves out with all the HRs yesterday or what, but during regular BP, very little power was on display today. The total number of hard hit balls was about the same, but only Aurilia, Josh Phelps, Kevin Frandsen, Buster Posey and Lewis (who hit 2) managed to get the ball over the fence. After a poor showing yesterday Posey was back on the ball, again driving line drive after line drive all over the field. Interestingly, after every turn in the cage, Posey walked over to Carney Lansford and checked with him. There were a lot of smiles and head shaking going on as Posey described what he was doing in the cage. We just might have ourselves a batting coach folks. Pablo Sandoval again drove the ball well, he just didn't get any out of the park. Frandsen also continued to hit the ball with authority.

For some reason, almost everyone of my action shots today were out of focus. I don't have any idea why....but that's the reason most of the photos posted today are either non-action photos or photos of relatively slow action. It's also the reason there aren't as many photos posted as usual.


Wizzle said...

Nice pictures from spring training! I have some videos of the Giants FanFest here if you are interested. Just click on my name or copy and paste

Anonymous said...

Ach, they are already replacing Jesus Guzman. I'm hoping he is impressive.

Adam said...

Hi Hank,

One of my friends directed me to your blog today. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your observations and photos -- going to tell my friends about your work, too. You're a good writer.

I run a prospect site called Given that we're going to be following Posey closely in 2009, I'd like to have some shots on hand of him in a Giants' uniform -- only have FSU ones right now. Could I use the shot that you took of Psey with Jackson Williams for my website? I'd credit you and also watermark your blog URL on the photo.

Thanks for taking the time to put together such a detailed blog. I'm excited that I found your work!


Adam Foster
Project Prospect Founder

Anonymous said...

Where are they practicing? Are they at Scottsdale Stadium?

Ellipooh said...

"We just might have ourselves a batting coach folks."

Yep, I became a Carney fan his first year with the Giants. I did have to get over the whole "A's" thing, but he's real baseball.

Giantfan9 said...

Adam. Fine with me. Go for it.