Monday, February 16, 2009

Day Two

Today's practice began about a half-hour later than yesterday (9:30 am). Even with the late start, it was still over, except for conditioning, by 11:30 am. There were quite a few fans in the stands today. The photo to the left shows about double yesterday's crowd.

Today there were no defensive drills for the pitchers on the main field. I don't ever remember this happening before, this early in the spring. The entire practice consisted of two groups of pitchers (out of 4) practicing bunting off of the Juggs machine. Then the catchers had pop up drills, again using the Juggs machine. Then there was the same two rounds of batting practice as yesterday, with coaches throwing. Today, just the six catchers batted. I heard one of the coaches ask Fred Lewis if he wanted to hit, but Fred said no.

The only new position player I saw today was Conor Gillaspie. Connor headed to the batting cages just prior to pitchers and catchers coming out on the field and I never saw him again. In fact he and Fred Lewis were the only position payers that I saw at all. With position players reporting for physicals and equipment issue tomorrow, I would expect to see a few more of them than I have. Maybe not as many are coming in early because of the longer spring training this year.

Really, nothing much else to report that I didn't cover under the photo captions. Maybe I am imagining it, or maybe there is A LOT more happening on the practice field than on the main field. But the practices are shorter and there is much less activity on the main field than there has been in past years. I will be curious to see if this trend continues when the Giants hold their first full squad workout on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

That's too bad more position players aren't there yet. You'd think the kids (Burriss / Frandsen / Nate etc) would want all the practice they can get to prove themselves.

Giantfan9 said...

I saw Frandsen yesterday.

Anonymous said...

bay bridge baseball and Baggerly from the SJ Merc givyou some good words.

Sweet Caroline said...

Just recently found your blog. Thanks for the updates from Scottsdale.