Friday, February 15, 2008

A Rainy Day in Scottsdale

Well, the Baseball Gods continue to conspire against me. When I woke up this morning it was raining……not hard….but rain just the same. Last night we actually had a pretty good hail shower. I believe the predicted high temperature in Scottsdale today is lower than the predicted high in San Francisco. Two days ago it was bright sunshine and 76 degrees. Today on my first chance to attend a practice……the weather is poor. It figures.

I really didn't believe the Giants would have any real activity today, for risk of injury, but I went down to Scottsdale Stadium anyway. When I got there the Security guy told me that the tarp was on the field and the players were not coming out today. When I told him that I had seen the players warming up as I walked over from the parking lot, he was surprised and let me in the gate. Unfortunately, however, I was right about the lack of activity.

The main field was indeed covered, but the pitchers were out on the outfield grass warming up. The practice field did not have a tarp on it. I overheard Bruce Bochy telling a press guy that they were not going to use the main field, except to warm-up. After warming up……the pitchers who did not throw bullpens yesterday went to throw on the gang pitching mounds and the others left for the practice field. There was also some activity going on in the hitting cages. I will post a second post later on, detailing the layout of the facility for those of you who didn't read my first posts last year and have never been to the park……but the bottom line is that spectators to not have access to any area that allows for viewing of the practice field or the gang mounds. The hitting cages likewise are not accessible to fans. After I was there for about 10 minutes…..…all players had left the viewable field so I went home.

I took a very view photos. The lighting was bad and I didn't put a lot of care into taking them……but I will post a few anyway. It was good to see a baseball field again, even if it was wet and covered with a tarp. Sorry about the poor photo quality will get better.

Tomorrow the forecast is for 66 degrees and "plenty of sunshine". Hopefully, the Baseball Gods will cooperate and I will be able to post more and better info.


Anonymous said...

Good to see the "High Socks" looks is favored...

No sign of B.Y. Kim yet? hahah

Rockie said...

Little activity is better than no activity :b