Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, 1 Week and 1 Day from the First Game

I am not going to write much today. The drill was pretty much the same as yesterday and I covered anything special in the photo captions. Once again the hitters did NO "tracking" during live batting practice. They swung at everything in the strike zone....and some things not in the strike zone. Not a lot of good contact today.....but at least there was contact.......unlike in past years. Even in the second round of BP against the coaches....nothing much to write home about. I didn't see a single HR in either BP session. The bats were REAL slow......but I guess that can happen on the 2nd full workout. Even someone who does this for a living is going to be sore on day#2.......probably even on days 3 & 4.

I was happy to see some of the youngsters take groundballs on the main field. In the past, the Giants have always relegated the lower level players to the practice field and reserved the main field for the 25 man roster types. I hope they keep doing this. It's good for the fans.....and it's good for the young players. I was hoping they would rotate for the BP also.......but no such luck. Oh steps.

As I said in the photo captions, Robb Nen showed up today. Still no sign of Shawon Dunston. Maybe tomorrow.


WalrusMan said...

Hey GF, sorry didn't reply to your question before so I'll do it here as I can't find an e-mail. The higher size of the picture could be making blogger resize the image. What I would do is tripod your camera and take a picture at each level then post them all in a test. Tripoding it so that you have the same shot would be the key though, as different pictures of the same resolution and quality can have different sizes. See which one pays off for the quality vs file size.

How's the image stabilization working out? I saw one picture of Fred Lewis that was a really nice closeup.

Giantfan9 said...

I think the overall quality was better today with the image stabilization. Still having problem with the grainy nature of some of the photos on the blog that aren't grainy before I post them and the site automatically resizes them.

I think I will try the lower quality setting tomorrow and see what happens. I may go back to the old camera if that doesn't work.