Friday, February 29, 2008

Aaron Rowand started the game in CF. He went 0 for 2 with a walk and scored the Giants first run before being replaced by Clay Timpner. I still say this is one weird batting stance.

Rowand was involved in a strange play in the 2nd inning when Aurilia hit what should have been a sure double off the LF wall with Rowand on 1B. For some reason after Rowand rounded 2B, he turned around and headed he thought the ball had been caught. Aurilia had to return to 1B and settle for a single. I didn't see it but some of the fans around me told me they had seen 3B coach Tim Flannery waving Rowand back, like he thought the ball had been caught. Luckily both Rowand and Aurilia scored later so the only consequence of the play was that Aurilia had a double reduced to a single.


DrBGiantsfan said...

Reminds me just a bit of Ron Cey except I think Cey used to put his front foot farther forward.

Giantfan9 said...'s that front foot being inside the knee that looks so strange. I have seen plenty of bow legged stances and plenty that look like the batter is preparing to sit down on a chair......but that front leg position makes this one very unusual.

Anonymous said...

That's some warrior spirit for you.

You always know what a gamer is gonna do for ya.

Anonymous said...

Well he looks like Stan Laurel from Laurel and Hardy to me. Better bring serious swagger for me to overlook THAT stance.


JimPansy said...

Does Aaron Rowand have polio?