Friday, February 22, 2008

Instead of regular infield today the thirdbasemen all took groundballs while the firstbasemen practiced digging out short-hop throws. The coaches set up a pitching machine and had the machine fire balls at the firstbasemen at all angles and heights. Interestingly, Eliezer Alfonzo practiced with Daniel Ortmeier, Travis Ishikawa and Brett Harper on this drill. When it came time for the pick-off drills, Ortmeier was the only 1B involved.


Baron said...

There have been rumblings about the team keeping three catchers, I think. This may be the team's way of making one of the three an "emergency" first baseman (even though Aurilia and Ortmeier will probably both be on the roster).

DrBGiantsfan said...

It sure seems to me that either GRod or Notgardo would be an upgrade at backup catcher for some team. Maybe we could trade one for a prospect and let Steve Holm be the catcher-in-waiting down at Fresno. I just don't see how you can carry 3 catchers with the way Bochy uses his bullpen.

Giantfan9 said...

I think the 3 catcher idea is a horrible one. It's not even a good motivational tool since you are telling Alfonzo & Rodrigueznthat if one doesn't beat the other one might keep them both. Horrible message to send to 2 guys who are duking it out in Spring Training.

I prefer."We can only keep one of you. May the best man win."