Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Giants really cut down on the Spring Training roster this year. Last year there were well over 70 players on the Spring Training roster.....this year only 55. Plus many of the early arriving Minor Leaguers were allowed to workout with the team. Not this year. This is the first Minor League uniform I have seen in Scottsdale Stadium. Adam Cowart, pitcher for the Augusta Greenjackets (low single A) last year. Adam is 24 and went 14-7 with a 2.39 ERA for the Greenjackets. I have no idea why he was in the main stadium. All I saw him do was shag balls in the outfield during batting practice.


phil said...

The Giants started a mini camp on the 14th for pitchers who they plan on sending up and down once the spring games get going. Cowart is one of them. The others are the following:

Brian Anderson
Chris Begg
Garrett Broshuis
Steve Edlefsen
Geno Espineli
Kevin Gryboski
Alex Hinshaw
Waldis Joaquin
Julio Mateo
Matt Palmer
Joe Paterson
Nick Pereira
Kevin Pucetas
Wilmin Rodriguez
Sergio Romo
Ryan Sadowski

The Giants will be sending 6 guys a day to shag. 3 on the main field and 3 on the practice field.

Giantfan9 said...

That's a little demeaning isn't it? Being sent to the big league camp just to shag during batting practice.

phil said...

Most are not to fond of it but who would you rather shag flyballs for Vizquel? or Villalona? Nevermind I would rather shag balls for Villalona, he actually hits 'em out there.

DrBGiantsfan said...

Some intriguing names there on Phil's list. I will be very interested to see what comes of game appearances from Cowart, Edlefsen, Hinshaw, Pereira, Romo, and especially Waldis Joaquin.

Unfortunately, word is Henry Sosa had surgery to repair a torn patella tendon near the beginning of winter ball and won't be participating in spring games.

Wilmin Rodriguez is one of my sleeper/breakout candidates for this year.

Giantfan9 said...

I sure hope these kids not getting an invite to the Major League camp isn't about something so trivial as meal money and per-diem....but I have a feeling it is.

phil said...

It's so they wont have Giant Idol anymore... J/K

Maybe they just want a smaller camp...

I can't remeber the exact number but Romo was telling me they get about 30 to 40 more dollars in meal money a day by getting the invite.

nick gee said...


Is that the same Kevin Gryboski who was a half decent reliever for the Braves between 2002 - 2005? and Julio Mateo who had a half decent career with the Mariners from 2002 until last season?

phil said...

I havn't been able to ID them yet but the ages on the roster match up with the guys you speak of.