Saturday, February 04, 2006

Will There be Access to Practices at Scottsdale Stadium?

I am leaving for Scottsdale on February 15th, and I still have no idea whether the Giants will be allowing public access to the practices at the new Scottsdale Stadium practice facilities. In his article on the Giants website, Rich Draper was non-committal regarding access at the stadium.

Fan Guide : San Francisco Giants

I e-mailed Rich to find out whether he definitively knew if fans would be able to view the practices at Scottsdale Stadium. His response was :
I asked the Giants that very same question, but the response was, "We don't know ... check with us in Scottsdale." Indian School was nice in that regard -- you could get real close to the players. But with the new configuration at Scottsdale Stadium I guess they're not sure what to do. Maybe there's added expense with more security. I guess we'll find out when we get there. --Rich
So.....even the guy who writes all of the articles for the Giants' website has no idea. I hope he is wrong about it being a "cost issue" though. I have never seen more than about 20-30 fans at Indian School Park at one time and that is only on weekends. I have never seen any problems of any kind at the practices (even though the Giants have 2 security people and usually Scottsdale PD has an officer there also). The practice sessions have always been very laid back. At 51 years old I am the YOUNG guy at the mid-week practice sessions.

So considering the Giants are now getting $23.00 per seat from me once the actual Spring Training games start (when I can remember paying $5), I sure hope that cost of a couple of security guards (who aren't needed anyway) won't be a reason for closing spring practices to the fans.

I guess Rich is right. We will find out when we get there.

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