Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 28th, 2006 - Giants Idol

It was an amazingly fun day at the ballpark today. It started out with Rob Schneider (all 4 feet of him) playing catch with 6'5" Jamie Wright. Couldn't Rob have found a smaller person to play catch with? He still would have been a head shorter than anyone else on the team...but it wouldn't have looked like Mutt & Jeff out there. Suffice it to say that Rob Schneider is not the most athletic person I have ever seen.

The "Giants Idol" competition was just hilarious. There were only 6 performers today. I found out when I got the park that there will be a SECOND day of competition tomorrow morning with the remainder of the rookies performing. There were hardly any fans there today, so I am guessing that when the word gets out, it should be a full house tomorrow.

Omar Vizquel acted as Ryan Seacrest and hosted the event. He introduced Ray Durham as Randy Jackson and then Jeff Fassero as Simon Cowell, but the real shocker came when Barry Bonds stepped out of the dugout, in drag, as Paula Abdul. Omar only announced Paula Abdul and did not say who it really was. I was surprised that a number of the fans didn't recognize Bonds. I had to tell about a half-dozen people who it was. Bonds in a wig and dress is still Bonds and is (IMHO) very recognizable.

Durham did a great impression of Randy Jackson, he had the voice and mannerisms down pat. Jeff Fassero was not good as Simon. He didn't even attempt a British accent. Neither Fassero or Durham wore any kind of costume. Bonds on the other hands was fully decked out in a wig and dress and had Paula Abdul down pat. He obviously watches American Idol. He talked in a falsetto voice, refused to say anything bad about a performer no matter how much they stunk; he was rocking out and dancing in his chair when he liked a performer and even twirled and fiddled with his necklace all the time (something I never noticed, by my wife swears Paula Abdul does it constantly). One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. So much for Barry Bonds never participating in team events.

The performers were surprisingly in to this thing. I was sure that the performances would be half-hearted "get me off the stage" efforts. Not at all so. All of the performers sang along with taped music, with the exception of Billy Sadler, who accompanied himself on an acoustical guitar.

The first performer was Brian Wilson. He was dressed as Billy Idol and sung "White Wedding". He lipsinced the first part and only sung the chorus. He, like most performers, was pretty bad......but he made up for it with enthusiasm. The judges gave Wilson mixed reviews. Next was Brian Munhall, who sung Brad Paisley's "I'm Going to Miss Her". You have to know the song, but his props of a fishing pole (complete with a rubber fish on the line) and a bottle of Budweiser were spot on. Unfortunately, his voice was like fingernails on a blackboard. He was cut off very early by the judges, who just lambasted him.

The best singer of the day, by far, was Billy Sadler. He sang Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's "It's Your Love". Unlike the other performers, Billy played the guitar and sang a capella, without the help of the artist's recording. Billy was a little out of tune in a spot or two, and occasionally he had to slow down and look at his left hand on the guitar to get the chords right....but all in all he did a great job! The judges universally gave him a thumbs up.

Next came Justin Hedrick, who sang "I'm In Love With a Stripper". I had never heard that song so I have no idea who the artist who originally sang the song is. Justin had the best prop of the day.....a blow up doll with a pole stuffed up her........uh.......dress. I have heard better singers (I'm being nice to Justin here) but he had a lot of enthusiasm. He even yelled at the judges when they cut him off early. He actually wanted to sing MORE! Poor shy individual.

The last player to perform was Joe Bateman as Metalica. I don't know what the song was......I am not a metal fan. He was the most "in character" performer of the day. He was yelling and screaming an acting like he was a big rock star. He even jumped from the "stage" (the top of the dugout) down into the crowd when his performance was over. I am sure he had the trainers a little worried with that jump. That is not a short distance. I thought his singing stunk........of course I think Metalica stinks too.........so he may have been good for all I know.

The last performers of any kind were 3 Training Staff Interns (wanna be trainers). I don't know what it was they were singing.....but it was just about as bad as everyone else.

All in all, with the exception of Billy Sadler, the singing was pretty bad. I was however, shocked at how much effort the kids put into this. I was expecting half-hearted, shy performances.....but what I saw was in-your-face confidence. Can't act shy in front of your boys I guess.

Bonds was amazing and stayed in character until the very end. At one point he pretended that he disagreed vehemently with Fassero (Simon). Bonds jumped up and dropped out of his falsetto voice and acted like he was going to fight Fassero. You know that old Paula Abdul vs Simon Cowell stuff from the real show. Then he suddenly grabbed Fassero's head and thrust it into his fake breasts. Pretty darn funny stuff.

Oh......there was a practice after the Giants Idol competition..but I was laughing so hard I have no idea what happened. As I mentioned yesterday....the team seems to be enjoying itself more this year than I have ever seen. If camaraderie helps a team at all.....these guys should win the World Series. I can't wait until tomorrow's second episode of Giants Idol. The kids who will perform tomorrow have some tough acts to follow.


Kim said...

Sounds like a really fun day in spring training. I envy you for getting to be there.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you wanted to know but "I'm in love with a stripper" is by T-pain featuring Mike Jones. Its a very popular rap song right now.
aka DanO

Paul Adams said...
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