Thursday, February 23, 2006

February 23rd - My Day Off

Sorry folks. A friend of mine who I haven't seen for almost 15 years called and told me he was in town on business and was only free this morning I met up with him and caught up on old times instead of my usual ballpark routine. I did take him by Scottsdale Stadium, but we were only there for long enough for me to show him the park and watch just a little bit of batting practice.

The batters faced live batting practice against the pitchers again today. I saw Matt Morris, Armando Benitez and Tim Worrell pitch. If anything, the hitters did even worse against these three pitchers than they had done yesterday. Benitez was throwing smoke and it looked like he was throwing nothing but strikes. The hitters were totally overmatched. Barry Bonds did take Matt Morris to the warning track, but I didn't see many other hard hit balls.

I didn't take any photos. If I have time I will post a few photos that I took earlier but that haven't been posted here yet. Sorry......back to the normal routine tomorrow.


Anile said...

LOL! You deserve a good day off. Hope you had a great time. We'll look in again tomorrow!

Giantfan9 said...

Thanks Anile.....I didn't want people to have to keep checking back if there wasn't going to be any new info.

Anonymous said...

What a let down! Just kidding, but seriously I have ben checking in on your blog daily. What a great service you are doing, I'm very jelous of you. I wish I was retired and at spring training.

I look forward to tomorrows entry.

Thank You

desertdave said...

Nothing like old friends showing up. We left a lot of friends when we moved down here, but of course they like to come visit at this time of year.

Nice to hear that the pitchers seem to be on target. The bats will come around. See you soon, guy.

GRMG said... the media guide out yet? Or is there a list somewhere with the uniform numbers for all the minor leaguers/NRIs??

Thanks, buddy! See you in three weeks!!! Can't wait!!

taurusmoon said...

Hey, even on a day where you are "not working" you still managed to give us some good inside info. Nice! And BB taking Matty Mo to the warning it!! Bet MM is glad to not have to face THAT anymore!

Giantfan9 said...

Hey GRMG....the Giants website has all of the NRI with uniform numbers listed. The only one not listed is Todd Greene. He is wearing #78.

Alesi said...

damn, i was looking foward to see pics and ur review all day, but i guess u do deserve a day off lol, cant wait for tomorrow !

Anonymous said...

Hey GF9, i dont know if you knew but someone put your blog address up in the ESPn board room.
From one who doesnt have a blog

fullmonty8 said...

you had all winter to be off. get to work and take some pictures.
hope you know I'm giving you a hard time.........we "live" to see a new day of your updates. thanks!