Monday, February 13, 2006

Feeling Nostalgic

Well, here I am only 2 days before leaving for Scottsdale. I thought I would make one more post from the Bay Area. I was looking through some of the older photos and feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to post a few photos of some of the 2000 team. All of these photos were taken at Spring Training 2000. Gosh, I miss some of these guys........or more accurately......I miss what they used to bring to the team.

Of course.....Russ Davis and Marvin Benard.........I just included them for comic relief.


mameluke said...

Geez. After 5 years, it's amazing how much turnover a roster has. Oh well--time goes by.

Giantfan9 said...

Good to see you Mameluke. Are you going to be able to make to any of the workouts this year? Or are you too tied up with that pesky college thing?

It is amazing the turnover in MLB this days. Nothing like when I was a kid. Now I just rtoot for the Orange & Black.

mameluke said...

Well, I'm going to be in Scottsdale this weekend + Monday--apparently there is going to be some event on Sunday at Scottsdale Stadium from 9 AM to noon where we'll get to go see the boys practice. Supposedly the "Community Day." Besides that, I likely won't be around until toward the end of March--that pesky college thing in San Diego indeed. Perhaps I'll get to see you on Sunday.

Giantfan9 said...

I will be at either Scottsdale Stadium or Indian School Park on Sunday morning. I didn't hear anything about an event on a matter of fact, according to Rich Draper, the Giants haven't decided whether they will let us fans in to see the workouts at Scottsdale Stadium this spring. Where did you hear about this "Community Day".....I will definately be at Scottsdale Stadium on Sunday if thats the case.

taurusmoon said...

Loving the old photos. Makes me wistful tho.... Looking forward to see what snaps you can come up with this year. GRMG needs a new photo for over her desk.

Looking forward to the first "on the scene" report!! I need to know how the team looks!!

mameluke said...

My mom works for the City of Scottsdale and let me know about it through an e-mail.

"Community Day at Scottsdale Stadium Feb. 19
Residents are invited to watch the San Francisco Giants practice and get a look at the recently completed renovations at Scottsdale Stadium from 9 a.m. to noon on Feb. 19. Pitchers and catchers will be working out at the stadium and everyone who attends will be able to take a self-guided tour of the renovated stadium and receive a free ticket to a charity baseball game to be played later that afternoon. Renovations include additional practice facilities, a new northwest entrance, reconfigured right field viewing area, an updated press box and a new team shop."

Sounds good to me!