Thursday, March 02, 2006

Michael Tejera.....even though the boxscores say he played 3B and didn't pitch......honestly.....he really did pitch.


kalbearz said...

I never see him pitch, but in this picture, the way he is hiding the ball; it looks as if he has a Nomo type delivery. Am I way off? How would you say he looked on the hill? Thanx

FavoriteSpring said...

Great writeup of the game, great great photos - thanks.

Did Reina actually pitch the 7th, as the boxscore states, or was that Tejera?

Tejera may be the only lefty in the Fresno bullpen this year, so he could very well be called up at some time. How did he look?

Giantfan9 said...

Reina did not pitch....the numbers in the boxscore are Tejera's. He looked pretty good....gave up a hit and got 1 strikeout. Can't say as how I see anything remarkable in his pitches. He has 3 years 62 days of ML service with an ERA of over 5. He could be an injury replcement during the season, but I think he was signed to help fill the Fresno bullpen.