Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mexico vs South Africa - March 8th, 2006

Another short note on the WBC game. Boy, this game was a lot more exciting than the Canada vs South Africa game. I was shocked that the Mexico team did not beat South Africa by more than the 10-4 final score. The Mexican’s are MUCH more talented, but the South Africans were like pests that Mexico just couldn’t swat away. In the 9th inning the South Africans actually loaded the bases and provided at least a little doubt about the outcome, but all 3 men were still on base as the game ended.

The Mexicans sure know how to be fans. The stadium was about 75% full of people of Mexican heritage. It reminded me of the Giants vs Expos games I went to a couple of years ago in Puerto Rico. Drums, horns, costumes and a whole lot of loud & boisterous rooting. Almost every Mexican fan had both a hat & jersey and the Giants Dugout store sold out almost completely of souvenirs related to Team Mexico. Fun…fun game.

PS…..How did Team USA lose to what was just an atrocious Team Canada just the night before?????

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