Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st, 2006 - Giants Idol Part Deux

I am way behind today. I spent about 5 hours at the park today. That put me behind schedule, so I will keep it short.

The Giants Idol competition today was funny.....but I don't think the contestants got into it nearly as much today as they did yesterday. As you can see from the photos, for the most part, the players didn't put as much effort into the costumes or performances today. The best performance of the day was Travis Ishikawa who sang "I'm too Sexy". He did a partial striptease as he sang. When he sang "I'm too sexy for my shirt" he took off his shirt. When he sang "I'm too sexy for my pants"....he took of his pants. Travis can't sing a lick......but he gets the award for the largest huevos of the competition.

Barry, once again was just hilarious. I gotta tell you.......besides dressing in drag, Barry had the best lines of anyone. Everytime he was handed the microphone to review a performance, he came up with another hilarious line. Each time he commented, the punchline was different, each time it was funny, he never repeated himself once over the two days, and he always remained in character. At one point today (it may have been Ishikawa), after a favorable review....Bonds stood up, looked at Jeff Fassero and said (in falsetto) "If you screw this up Simon, I'm going to kick your ass!". Funny, funny stuff. Barry's sense of humor and ability to adlib funny lines is amazing. He should let this side of himself be seen more often.

There was no real "winner" of the competition. When the last act was over.....that was it. No announcement of a winner...nothing. By enlarge the acts were funny..but there were really no good singers in the group. The two day event looked a lot like the out takes from the real show. You know.....the really funny people who think they are good but couldn't carry a note in a bucket. They claim this is to be the "first annual" Giants Idol competition. If they do it again.....I would highly recommend it. It was great to see all of the guys laughing and cutting up. This team seems to be getting closer and closer all of the time.

After "Giants Idol" they had a little batting practice followed by a short intrasquad game. Both teams were made up of the youngsters with no veterans taking part. I was very disappointed in the performance of Billy Sadler and Justin Hedrick. If the pitchers did poorly, and threw too many pitches, the coaches terminated the inning without 3 outs being registered. Sadler gave up 4 walks in his inning of work and the coaches stopped the inning with only 1 out being made. Hedrick did even worse. He gave up the four hardest hit balls of the game, including 2 singles, a double and a grand slam. Also sandwiched in there someplace, were a walk and a hit batsman. The coaches, thankfully, terminated Hedrick's inning after 5 runs had scored without a single out being made. I felt really bad for Justin. He looked totally crestfallen.

I was surprised that they let Rob Schneider participate in the game. He played one inning in the field and also had one at bat. He made a putout at 2B in his inning in the field....but a real ballplayer would have made the relay to 1B for a doubleplay. In his at bat, Rob actually made contact once for a foulball, but never really came close to actually putting the ball in play.

Willie Mays showed up today to watch Giants Idol. He stuck around during BP and hung around the batting cage. He gave ponters to any player who wanted him to comment on their technique. He spent a lot of time with Ray Durham.

That's about it for today's practice......and that's about it for the Spring Training workouts overall. The games start tomorow with the Giants facing the Brewers in Maryvale at 1PM. I will be there and hope to write a review of that game late tomorrow. Go Giants!!


dastick said...

Great job Hank...thanks

I wouldn't worry too much about the can't wash your eyes enough after seeing Barry like that...they prolly need a few days to recover ;)

shaun said...

How did Joe Bateman do today? I see he was shipped over to minor league spring training. What's the buzz on him in camp? I played with him in college at MCLA and talk to him often. I'm just curious what the fans and management are thinking about him.

Giantfan9 said...

The only time I got to see Bateman pitch was today. He had a 1-2-3 inning. Whether or not he got shipped to the camp at Indian School park.....he WILL see action in a couple of Major League Spring Training games.

shaun said...

Great. That's good to hear. He is an unbelievable talent. Glad to see he's finally been "discovered". He has limitless potential a middle reliever in my opinion. But of course I'm biased. Haha.