Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Canada vs South Africa - March 7th, 2006

Just a very short comment on the South Africa vs Canada WBC game. VERY bad baseball. The heavily favored Canadians had to have a 4 run rally in the 9th to beat the South Africans 11-8. The pitchers were wild and ineffective. Until late in the game, the batters were weak. And the defense was just terrible. At one point around the 5th inning, both teams had only 4 hits, but 7 runs had scored because of walks and errors. By the 5th the Canadians had 2 errors and the South Africans had 3. If the scorekeeper had not been charitable, the teams would have had more errors than hits at that point in the game. Two or three of the hits looked like very questionable defensive plays to me. There were a total of SIXTEEN walks in the game, 11 of them by South African pitchers.

The game got exciting in the last couple of innings. But we were looking at who would make the mistakes to lose the game, not who would step forward and WIN it. It honestly reminded me of a Little League game with all of the walks and errors. Not good baseball……not at all good baseball.

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